Aural Comprehension

Michigan Test of Aural Comprehension Examination

The Michigan Test of Aural Comprehension Examination is the listening test portion of the MTELP.

The MELAB, ECPE, and MELICET also have listening test components.

The listening sections of the MELAB and ECPE are longer than the listening sections of the MTELP and MELICET tests.

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Free Michigan Listening Sample

Format of the Aural Exam

The Michigan Aural Examination consists of 90 multiple choice questions in the English language, which you will hear only once.

There are two types of questions on the Aural Comprehension Examination:

Class 1 – For questions in the first category, students have to select the best answer to the questions that they hear.

Class 2 – The second class of aural question requires the student to choose the statement that has the same meaning as the one he or she hears.

The questions on the Aural Comprehension Examination are multiple choice.

Your examination paper for the Aural Test will have three choices: a, b, or c.

You may hear recordings in mp3 or CD format, although in some test centers cassettes may still be used.

In addition, the questions may be read aloud by the examiner for assessments in certain other testing locations.

In the event that you have to re-take your test, be advised that there are various versions of the aural comprehension exam.

It is therefore extremely unlikely that you would take the same version of the aural test more than once.

The aural exam normally last for 25 to 30 minutes.

Aural Download

Our instant download for the listening test will give you an advantage on the day of your actual exam.

Our listening practice digital download includes the mp3s, the answer key, and the written texts for the questions and statements that you hear.

The exam also includes a Grammar-Cloze-Reading test and essay writing.