Free GVR Practice Tests

Free GVR Practice Tests for the Michigan Tests

This page has a sample from one of our free GVR practice tests. “GVR” means grammar, vocabulary, and reading.

A free sample of our test questions for grammar and vocabulary is provided below.

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Michigan Practice Tests – Grammar

1. – Some days I just want to give up.

– Come on! Don’t throw __________ the towel yet.

A. out

B. up

C. in

D. down

2. – Where are my socks?

– In the suitcase __________ you put your shoes in.

A. that

B. where

C. in which

D. in that

3. – Did Emily apologize after the argument?

– No, but she __________ do so soon.

A. had better

B. would rather

C. better had to

D. should rather

4. – Did you believe Janet’s story?

– No, I’m afraid it __________ water.

A. will hold

B. held

C. doesn’t hold

D. is holding

5. – Anna has a knack for art.

– Yes, __________ painting, she can also draw.

A. apart

B. except

C. instead

D. besides

NOTE: There are 40 grammar questions on each practice test.

Now try a sample of the vocabulary questions.

Michigan Practice Tests – Vocabulary

41. Ellen is so moody in the morning that you should never attempt to speak to her until the afternoon.

A. temperamental

B. commercial

C. trend

D. hamlet

42. The current ____________ in fashion indicates that bright colors will be in style this year.

A. potential

B. vindication

C. trend

D. hamlet

43. Thanks to the cooperation of fire departments from the surrounding cities, the blaze was stopped in time.

A. proliferation

B. evaluation

C. conjugation

D. collaboration

44. Anyone wishing to work as an intelligence agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation must first undergo a ____________ background investigation.

A. tiny

B. handy

C. stringent

D. stingy

45. If you approach the job with eagerness, you should be able to finish it more quickly.

A. alacrity

B. reluctance

C. vulgarity

D. wholesomeness

NOTE: There are 40 grammar questions on each practice test.

Michigan Practice Tests – Grammar Answers

1. C

2. A

3. A

4. C

5. D

Michigan Practice Tests – Vocabulary Answers

41. A

42. C

43. D

44. C

45. A

More Practice Materials

The MELAB and ECPE tests also have a cloze passage.

If you are taking one of the English language tests described on this website, you may also have to complete the following parts of the examination:


essay writing


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