Grammar on the Exams

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Phrasal verbs

Modal verbs

Giving Advice

Gerunds and Infinitives

Grammar in Our Study Materials

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The grammar test covers advanced American English.

This means that the grammar exam will assess certain aspects of the American English language that often cause difficulties for international students.

What does the grammar test include?

The assessment will evaluate your usage of American English grammatical structures at a very advanced level of English language proficiency.

Relative clauses are often included on this part of the exam, as are adjectives and adverbials.

There are also often questions on verb tenses, including the participle forms used in constructing the past perfect and present perfect tenses.

Conditional sentences, particularly the third conditional form, have commonly appeared on past exams.

Modal verbs and correct article usage (a, an, the, and the zero article) are also possible topics on the exam.

Other advanced questions on the exam include those features of grammar that often cause difficulties to international students, such as phrasal verbs and preposition usage.

For example, here are some negative adverbs that are commonly encountered on the examination. This material and much more is included in our free study guide:

never before
only when
only once
hardly ever

On this part of the examination, you will see questions like the following example:

– Your failure on the exam comes down to your lack of studying.
– I know. I needed to have __________ .

A. prepared thoroughly more
B. thoroughly more prepared
C. thorough preparation more
D. prepared more thoroughly

The correct answer is: D

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