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Listening Sample for your English Exam

Here is a listening sample exam from our PDF and mp3 listening download. For more information please visit our Downloads Page.

Instructions:  Click on each of the mp3 players below. Then choose the best response to the questions or statements you hear. Please allow yourself 10 seconds after each statement to choose your answers. You can do this by clicking the pause button on your media player. The answers are provided at the end of the page.

Listening Sample Test 1

1) a. I’d be glad to.

b. Only if you are away.

c. Yes, I’ll take off.

2) a. No, I wouldn’t hide anything from you.

b. Yes, nothing.

c. No, it’s down.

3) a. Yes, I earn one.

b. $2,000 a month.

c. I’m a lawyer.

4) a. I doubt it.

b. Yes, she heeds.

c. No, she’s heedful.

5) a. They went downtown.

b. They were throwing things out again.

c. They were making too much noise.

6) a. She dislikes it.

b. She really enjoys it.

c. She loathes it.

7) a. It’s a red-letter day.

b. She’s overdrawn.

c. She’s better off than she used to be.

Listening Sample Test 2

Instructions: Choose the best response to the questions or statements you hear.

1) a. No, I have a bad back.

b. You bet! Hop in.

c. Sorry, I’m not that strong.

2) a. Yeah, it was pretty tough but I managed.

b. Yes, there was parking.

c. No, not nearly enough.

3) a. Yes, before then.

b. Only once.

c. No, not just me.

. . .

11) a. He practices law.

b. He needs legal advice.

c. He has turned over a new leaf.

12) a. She will return home.

b. She is going to stay there.

c. She is traveling by bus.

13) a. The elevation was unbearable.

b. She will have to take the stairs.

c. It’s never happened before.

Listening Sample Test 3

Instructions: Choose the best explanation for what the speaker or speakers have said.

1) a. He’s telling her not to discourage him.

b. He definitely won’t be admitted.

c. He has changed the subject to the weather.

2) a. They have a mutual friend named Frank.

b. He wants to speak honestly.

c. He really likes Martha.

3) a. He will send a letter to John.

b. He has received a letter from John.

c. He will tell her when he has heard.

11) a. Not at the cafeteria.

b. Not behind it.

c. Not for a meal.

12) a. Not my sister.

b. I’m certain I told you.

c. Not her brother.

13) a. Not on Tuesday.

b. But not the homework.

c. I remember it.

Listening Sample Test 4

Instructions: You will hear a brief lecture. As you listen, you may take notes below. After the lecture, you will be asked some questions about it.

1) a. 1608

b. 1617

c. 1620

2) a. lack of education

b. lack of social status

c. lack of financing

Michigan Listening – Answers

PART 1 – Text and Answers

1. Will you take care of the kids while I’m away?

The correct answer is A.

2. Do you have something up your sleeve?

The correct answer is A.

3. How do you earn a living?

The correct answer is C.

4. Will she heed your advice?

The correct answer is A.

5. I told them to keep it down.

The correct answer is C.

6. She really gets a kick out of collecting stamps.

The correct answer is B.

7. Her bank account is always in the red.

The correct answer is B.

PART 2 – Text and Answers

1) Could you give me a lift?

The correct answer is B.

2) Were you able to find an empty space in the parking lot?

The correct answer is A.

3) Have you ever been there before?

The correct answer is B.

11) My brother is an attorney in Seattle.

The correct answer is A.

12) I bought a round-trip ticket to Oklahoma City.

The correct answer is A.

13) The elevator is broken again.

The correct answer is B.

PART 3 – Text and Answers

1) – Your chances of getting into law school are slim.

– Don’t rain on my parade!

The correct answer is A.

2) – What’s your opinion of Martha?

– Can I be frank?

The correct answer is B.

3) – Any news from John?

– Not yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

The correct answer is C.

. . .

11) – I thought you said to meet in front of the restaurant.

The correct answer is B.

12) I told you Mary’s sister was coming.

The correct answer is A.

13) The professor said that the exam was on Friday.

The correct answer is A.

PART 4 – Text and Answers

A group of English separatists known as the pilgrims first left England to live in Amsterdam in 1608. After spending a few years in their new city, though, many members of the group felt that they did not have enough independence. So in 1617, the pilgrims decided to leave Amsterdam to immigrate to America.

However, many of these separatists were poor farmers who did not have much education or social status, and, not surprisingly, the group had many financial problems that prevented them from beginning their journey. Although their inability to finance themselves caused many disputes and disagreements, the pilgrims finally managed to obtain financing from a well-known and affluent London businessman named Thomas Weston.

1) When did the first Pilgrims leave England?

The correct answer is A.

2) What prevented the Pilgrims from beginning their journey to America?

The correct answer is C.

More information on our listening sample

On this page, we provide four sample mp3s from our Michigan listening test download.

If you are interested in buying our listening course, please be sure that you can hear sound when you click on the links for Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.

These are only a few samples from our listening preparation materials.

Our listening download contains exercises for each of the types of questions on your actual listening test.

When you get the aural comprehension download, you will receive the complete version of the listening practice tests PDF with all of the mp3 files.

The sound files are in mp3 format and so they can also be copied to an mp3 player.

To listen to the mp3 files on your computer system, your computer must be able to play sound.

Your computer must have a sound card, headphones or speakers, and media software such as the Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player.

Click here fore more information on the format of the aural comprehension test.

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