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What is the MELAB Test?

The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery is an English language proficiency test.

The exam is administered to test the language level of non-native speakers of English and is used by educational institutions and employers.

The English language exam is mainly for non-native speakers of English who are applying to universities or colleges in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

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MELAB test results are accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by many universities.

MELAB Test Information: The exam contains three parts - the Grammar-Cloze-Vocabulary-Reading Test, the Listening Test, and the Composition or Essay.

Grammar-Cloze-Vocabulary-Reading (G-C-V-R) Test:

The Grammar-Cloze-Vocabulary-Reading Test contains 110 questions.

The G-C-V-R time limit is 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes).

The Grammar-Cloze-Vocabulary-Reading (G-C-V-R) Test has 30 to 35 questions on American conversational grammar, a cloze passage with 20 to 25 questions, 30 to 35 vocabulary questions, and 4 or 5 reading comprehension passages with five or more reading questions each.

Composition (Essay Writing) Test:

The time limit for the composition is 30 minutes. You will be given two essay topics. You must write on only one of the two topics.

Listening Test:

The Listening Test usually lasts 30 to 35 minutes.

The listening section of the MELAB test consists of multiple choice questions which the student will hear only once. The following types of questions are given on the listening portion of the MELAB test:

TYPE 1: For part 1 questions, the candidate chooses the most reasonable response to a question or statement.

TYPE 2: For part 2 questions, the student hears a very brief conversation and then selects the answer which has the same meaning as the dialogue.

TYPE 3: For part 3 questions, the candidate answers questions on short talks or interviews.

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For official MELAB test information, please visit the CaMLA Website:

Official MELAB Test Information - CaMLA Website