MELICET Test Practice and Preparation

Are you looking for MELICET Practice? Do you need to take the exam to provide evidence of your English language skills? Is your college or employer asking you to take the test?

If so, our downloads will prepare you for the test and improve your examination performance.

Practice Tests – Free Sample

Listening Test – Free Sample

Word List – Free Sample

Download Practice Exams

What is the MELICET Test?

The MELICET is also known as the GCVR test.

“GCVR” means grammar, cloze (gap fill), vocabulary, and reading.

So, the English Language Institute College English Test has sections on grammar, cloze, vocabulary, and reading.

What does our download include?

Our instant downloads will help you learn the advanced English language vocabulary which usually appears on English language proficiency examinations like the MELICET test.

Our download includes:

  • practice tests
  • word list
  • listening practice

Our word list gives you preparation for the vocabulary that you need to study in order to be fully prepared for the test.

The second part of our course is the GCVR practice tests instant download.

The GCVR download contains four practice tests.

Each practice test is in the same format as the actual test.

Therefore, the practice tests help you learn the format of the test.

Each one of our four practice tests includes:

30 American English language grammar questions

20 cloze questions

30 high-level English language vocabulary questions

20 reading comprehension questions on four passages written in the English language

Listening Exam

The examination also includes a listening test which is called the MELICET-L.

The listening test consists of 50 multiple choice questions of five different types, which you hear only once.

Our listening course instant download contains practice on each of the five question types normally included on the MELICET-L.

The Listening download has 265 questions that are divided into seventeen chapters.

Our Listening download includes 17 mp3 files.

Free Study Guide

If you buy all three of our instant downloads together today, you will receive ten bonus publications for free.

The bonus publications are an entire workbook, at no extra cost.

For more information, please click on the “Study Guide” link under “Downloads” on the main menu at the top of the screen.

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