What does the MET cover?

The MET Examination assesses general English language skills for work and academic situations.

Free Practice Test

Texts and recordings on the exam test the candidate’s knowledge of American-English in everyday, realistic contexts.
The examination also has an optional speaking test component.

This English test assesses a student’s ability to communicate in English.

It examines language skills in listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary.

Scores are scaled to the Common European Framework Levels.

Who should take the MET?

The MET is for students at high-school level or above.

It is sometimes used to assess a student’s language level upon completion of an English language course.

The exam is also sometimes used when applying for a job that requires English language skills.

The exam is not used for students applying to universities and colleges. The MELAB is used for this purpose.

What is the format of the exam?

The MET listening, reading, and grammar test is a paper-based examination.

In other words, you do not take the test on a computer.

The MET contains 135 multiple-choice questions.

The questions are organized into two sections:

Section I – Listening Test

The Listening Test lasts for 45 minutes.

The Listening Test has 60 questions.

You will hear recordings of social, educational, and work situations.

Section II – Reading and Grammar Test

The Reading and Grammar Test lasts for 90 minutes.

There are 25 questions on grammar and 50 reading questions.

Vocabulary skills are evaluated within the reading and listening tests.

Speaking Test​

There is also an MET Speaking Test.

The MET Speaking Test assesses the student’s speaking skills on a variety of tasks and topics.

It takes place between one examiner and one student and includes five tasks.

Task 1: Describing a picture.

Task 2: Conversing about a personal experience on a topic related to the picture.

Task 3: Giving an opinion about a topic related to the picture.

Task 4: Explaining advantages and disadvantages related to a specific situation.

Task 5: Giving an opinion on another topic and persuading the examiner to accept the opinion presented.

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