MTELP - Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency

Do you need the MTELP?

The MTELP is the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency.

The MTELP is part of the Michigan Test Battery.

The Michigan Test Battery also includes the Test of Aural Comprehension.

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The exam is frequently used to assess the English language skills of candidates for study or work in South America and the Far East.

The older version of the exam is widely used in Chile.

A newer version of the exam is used to evaluate the English as a Second Language (ESL) skills of students who want to study in certain colleges and language schools in the United States.

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MTELP Exam Format & Preparation

What is included on the MTELP Test?

The test has a GVR section and a listening section.

GVR stands for Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading.

The listening test is called the test of Aural Comprehension.

Click here for MTELP Free Practice GVR Test

Listening Exam Example

MTELP Practice Materials

Our practice tests and listening materials are in the same format as the actual exam.

Our practice tests download contains four different practice tests with complete answer keys.

Our workbook download helps you learn the vocabulary, idioms, and grammar assessed on the examination.

MTELP Free Workbook

Are you also taking the Test of Aural Comprehension?

Our Michigan Listening download contains exercises of each of the two types of questions on the Michigan Aural Test.

Our Michigan Listening download is divided into 12 units, and in total it has 180 questions.

You can get all of our downloads (workbook, four practice tests with answers, and listening practice and mp3s) or just the parts you want.

If you buy all three downloads, you will get our study guide at no extra cost.