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Look at the types of phrasal verbs in section 1 below.

Then complete the exercises at the bottom of the page.

Types of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and one or more particles.

The particle is the word after the main verb. The particles may be prepositions or adverbs.

Phrasal verbs may be transitive or intransitive.

Transitive means that the verb takes an object.

Intransitive is the opposite; it means that the verb does not take an object.

Transitive phrasal verbs may be separable or inseparable.

For separable ones, the object may be placed before the particle.

On the other hand, the object must be placed after the particle in inseparable ones.

Improve your phrasal verb skills – Exercise

Instructions: Place the missing particle or particles in the gaps in the following sentences. A definition is given to help you. After you put the words in the gaps, identify the phrasal verbs as intransitive, transitive inseparable, or transitive separable.

1) I ran _______ her at the mall yesterday. (ENCOUNTERED)

2) I’m not dating him anymore. We broke_______ two weeks ago. (FINISH A RELATIONSHIP)

3) What’s the point of trying? I give_______ ! (SURRENDER)

4) She has taken _______ the management of the corporation. (TAKEN CONTROL OF)

5) I like to be in the country. You see, I was brought _______ on a farm. (RAISED)

6) Our pick-up truck broke _______ in the middle of Route 66. (CEASED TO FUNCTION)

7) We waved good-bye from the terminal as the airplane took _______ . (ASCENDED)

8) The coach tried to bring her _______ after she fainted during the basketball game. (HELP TO REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS)

9) I don’t see how he got _______ _______ cheating on the final last semester. (REMAINED FREE FROM BLAME)

10) The majority of the runners could not keep _______ _______ the leader in the marathon. (MAINTAIN THE PACE)

Phrasal verbs exercise – answers

1) into

The type is transitive inseparable.

2) up

The type is intransitive.

3) up

The type is intransitive.

4) over

The type is transitive inseparable.

5) up

The type is intransitive.

6) down

The type is intransitive.

7) off

The type is intransitive.

8) around

The type is intransitive.

9) away with

The type is transitive inseparable.

10) up with

The type is transitive inseparable.

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