English Placement Examinations

The Michigan English series consists of English placement examinations that can be used for placement purposes.

In other words, the exams determine your ability level for certain classes.

In South America, for example, the MELICET score is used to place students in preparatory English language classes prior to studying at university level.

Some language academies in North America use the MET or the MTELP to determine students’ ability levels and to place them into classes accordingly.

Therefore, if your score is low on the exam, you will be placed into an English language class that is at a lower level.

If you feel you have performed poorly on your exam for some reason, you should speak to your teacher.

He or she may be able to place you in a different class if you can show that your performance was below par on the day of your exam.

The MELAB is not a placement test, but rather, an admission test.

That is to say, the MELAB determines whether you will be able to enter college or university.

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