Looking for help with prepositions?

Do you need to improve your usage of prepositions?

Here is an exercise to help you improve your usage of prepositions. The answers are provided at the bottom of the page.

Instructions: Place an appropriate preposition in the space provided.

1) After 25 years __________ marriage, she is faithful __________ her husband and devoted __________ her children.

2) It took him several months to recover __________ his viral infection.

3) The politician was completely devoid __________ integrity.

4) The subject of building a new motel is currently __________ discussion.

5) I was given a writing set for my birthday, consisting __________ a matching pen and pencil.

6) She was really pleased __________ receiving first prize.

7) The success of any business is contingent __________ the strength of its management.

8) John hadn’t expected such an icy reception. In fact, he was really taken __________ surprise.

9) You will never be healthy is your diet is deficient __________ vitamins.

10) Police officers are __________ duty all day long.

11) Could you give me a little help __________ my homework?

12) She had gained so much weight that she was really ashamed __________ herself.

13) The manager will investigate the matter and will contact you __________ writing.

14) She fell __________ him the moment they first met.

15) That writer is famous __________ his horror stories.

16) It has taken me a long time to get accustomed __________ living in this area.

17) She really loves her cat. She would hate to part __________ it.

18) Many species are threatened __________ extinction nowadays.

19) If you refuse to work hard, your endeavors will amount __________ nothing.

20) I hope you’re going to stand __________ your promise.

21) She is really pleased __________ him for being so cooperative.

22) After many years as friends, they finally fell __________love.

23) Many homes in California are not insured __________ earthquake damage.

24) Will you exchange your old car __________ a different model?

25) His version of the story was not consistent __________ the facts.

Preposition exercise – answers

1) of, to, to

2) from

3) of

4) under

5) of

6) about

7) upon, on

8) by

9) in

10) on

11) with

12) of

13) in

14) for

15) for

16) to

17) with

18) with

19) to

20) by

21) with

22) in

23) for

24) for

25) with

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