Speaking Exams

The speaking tests are different for each of the Michigan English examinations.

Please refer to the section headings on this page for each of the different exams.

Format of the Speaking Exams


The speaking part of this English exam is optional.

If you are asked to complete the speaking test, you will have an interview that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.

The format of the interview is as follows: warm-up, extended discourse, and closing.

The interview is carried out with you individually and one examiner.

Examiners who administer the test must meet strict requirements established by CaMLA in order to become certified speaking exam administrators.


This speaking test takes place with two examiners and two students.

The interview has five parts:

1) Student introductions and warm-up

2) Distribution of speaking task and preparation

3) Discussion of the task

4) Presentation of results

5) Examiner questions on the presentation

Please go to the speaking topics page for further information on the topics on the ECPE and MELAB exams.

You may also be interested in our useful phrases and listening test practice materials.

Other Examinations and Interviews

There is no formal speaking requirement as part of the other examinations.

However, your college, university, or employer may require you to have a placement interview with them as part of your English language proficiency assessment.

In the event that you need to have an interview, here is some advice on learning to speak English fluently for the Michigan exam.

Improving Fluency

Talk to people in your country who use English day to day as part of their work.

These English speaking professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, can help you practice your skills in spoken English.

Participate in an online English course in order to improve English spoken English.

English language forums online can also help with spoken English.

Your local library may have tandem learning partnerships to help you improve your interview skills.

In these spoken English improvement programs, your librarian will match you with a native speaker of English who wants to improve their speaking skills in your mother tongue.

You will have lessons together once or twice a week and will speak half of the time in English and half of the time in your mother tongue. These types of speaking lessons are usually free.

American English speaking skills will be important for you if you want to work for a US company. If so, try to learn the differences between the American English language and the British English language.

Also have a look at the tips on the next part of this page.

Tips for Improving Speaking Skills

You will need spoken English practice for your English examination.

That is because you may have to take a test of spoken English or participate in an interview for the test.

Improvement in spoken English language skills can be achieved in many ways.

If you are learning to speak English fluently, in other words if you want to know how to speak English just like an American person, you might want to consider private lessons in English.

If you cannot afford a private tutor, you can speak English online using “speak English software.” Programs like Skype will help you to speak fluent English.

Spoken English can also be enhanced by listening to English language CDs or cassettes and repeating what you hear.

You can speak English into an audio recorder and then listen to it. Many mp3 players now have a “record and play” function.

Look at books like Headway Pronunciation, Ship or Sheep, and Tree or Three to improve your pronunciation.

When you purchase our instant downloads, you will receive a free publication that gives information and advice on how to optimize your speaking skills for your test.

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