Word List

Do you need a Michigan Test word list?

If you are looking for a Michigan Test word list for your English language examination, you have come to the right place.

An extensive proficiency-level word list is included in our workbook.

Word List Download

Vocabulary Exercises

Our workbook download includes a list of the words that have been tested most frequently on past actual examinations.

The list includes definitions and example sentences for each word.

You may also want to try our free American English grammar exercises.

Knowing high level English language vocabulary is so important for success on the exams.

In fact, if you are reading this now, you may have already taken the examination.

Perhaps you have had poor performance on the test in the past.

You will now have to take the test again because you didn’t know many of the words on the vocabulary part of the exam.

Grammar Workbook Included with Our Word List

Why is grammar important for the exam?

The English language exams described on this website are tests of conversational American English language grammar.

This type of grammar is very different than the formal kind of grammar which is taught in most schools.

For this reason, our workbook contains 15 units on the American English grammar that is most commonly tested on the examination.

In addition to the word list described above, the workbook also includes these chapters on grammar:

Chapter 1 – Negative Adverbial Clauses

Chapter 2 – Order of Multiple Adjectives

Chapter 3 – Using Relative Pronouns

Chapter 4 – The Past Perfect Tense

Chapter 5 – Advanced Use of Prepositions

Chapter 6 – Gerund and Infinitive Usage

Chapter 7 – Modal Verbs for Obligation, Certainty, Possibility, and Permission

Chapter 8 – Intensifying Adjectives with “So” and “Such”

Chapter 9 – Advanced Phrasal Verbs – Part 1

Chapter 10 – When to Use the Definite Article

Chapter 11 – Common Expressions for Agreement and Disagreement

Chapter 12 – Review of the Comparative and Superlative Forms

Chapter 13 – Correct Use of the Phrases “Had Better” and “Would Rather”

Chapter 14 – Using the Third Conditional: Correct Verbs Forms and Sentence Structure

Chapter 15 – Advanced Phrasal Verbs – Part 2

Free Workbook Example